“Soko’s work, (Bluetooth odyssey, ephemera in search of a subject) perfectly mixes the cocktail of sincerity and irony. Even though the work is formally oblique (i.e. comprised of non-utilitarian, novel forms) and (rightly) unlabelled, you can’t help feeling that the artist is standing in front of the work, pointing at it (a subject in search of ephemera, so to speak)"
- a review by Patrick Lucy.


Previous resident at the Treignac Project and the occupied Novi Bioskop Zvezda 
Holds diplomas in Philosophy, Russian, Folklore, Film Directing, Art
Co-founder of production company Sory.World 

Past shows:

GIVE YOURSELF THE MIC @ GUZZLER / Melbourne, Australia / with Lena Tutunjian (2022)
DARK RIVER OPEN SKY @ Deptford Creek / London, UK / with Iolo Walker, Izzy Yon, Bosco Taylor, Reuben Martindale & Lowri Heckler (2022)
THE EDGE @ Google Maps / Worldwide / (2020)
DEALER'S CHOICE @ The Treignac Projet / Correze, France / with David Serna (2018)
CHOP IT LIKE IT'S HOT @ Maidstone Shopping Centre / Kent, UK / curated by Affrica Berezicki-Stevens (2017)


Jailbait Future Present @ jailb8.org (2022)
McJewsy @ The Weekend Worker Magazine (2022)

Selected filmography:

MY BODILY REMAINS (dir. Tai Shani), in production - Production Assistant 
DANGEROUS ROMANCE (dir. Daisy Jacobs), in production - Production Assistant
ROI (dir. Neil Bartlett), in post-production - Production Assistant 
ИНТИМНОСТ ВАНЗЕМАЉСКА (dir. R Seventeen/Lucy), in post-production - Key cast
MISTY MIST (dir. Max Schoenfeld), in post-production - Key cast 
PURPLE PEOPLE (dir. Max Schoenfeld), 2022 - Producer, composer, colourist
SUBMERGE (dir. Bethany Privitera), 2021 - Composer 
LOOKING FOR ALBION (dir. R Seventeen), 2018  - Producer, writer, cast 

Sokora Violetov 

New release with mark william lewis

contact: xilber.xilber@gmail.com